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Geothermal Cooling and Heating

Benefits of Geothermal

  • Extremely Energy Efficient
  • Good for the Environment
  • Quiet Operation
  • Increased Reliability
  • New Home or Existing

What is Geothermal?

Geothermal technology harnesses energy from the Earth and redistributes this energy to heat and cool our homes. Perhaps the most significant benefit of Geothermal is how much money is saved in monthly utility costs. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), geothermal is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home.

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Extremely Energy Efficient

Significant savings on monthly energy costs

Good for the Environment

Geothermal is different in that it doesn’t need fossil fuels to operate like conventional systems. If you are looking to go green, Geothermal would be a great option.

Quiet Operation

Comparable to a refrigerator, Geothermal systems are typically very quiet

Increased Reliability

Geothermal equipment is located inside the home, meaning no outdoor equipment will be subject to environmental conditions which may shorten its lifespan.

New Home or Existing

Geothermal Systems are certainly a great option for new construction homes but are also available to existing homes seeking greater energy efficiency.


Geothermal systems are clean and safe to operate. Since no combustion is involved, there is no risk for carbon monoxide poisoning and instead of using flammable fossil fuels, geothermal technology utilizes free, renewable energy from the earth.

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