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8 Home Energy Efficiency Tips

8 Home Energy Efficiency Tips

With each passing year, summers seem to get hotter and cranking the A/C all day every day can get really expensive. Even with regular maintenance, you have to make sure the air is flowing properly and your unit isn’t overheating. 


Give your unit a break and get more bang for your buck with these helpful energy-efficient tips!

Energy efficiency tip #1: Cook outside

There’s never been a better time to grill out. Not only is the summer the perfect time to cookout, but cooking with an oven or stovetop can produce tons of residual heat. Don’t own a grill? Try to microwave as much food as possible or get takeout from your favorite local restaurant to support small businesses.  

Energy efficiency tip #2: Caulk the cracks

Look around your home for any cracks that may be letting air in, paying close attention to the area around your windows and ceilings. For cracks in windows or under doors that you can’t seal, you may want to consider calling a professional. 

Energy efficiency tip #3: Close vents in lower rooms

Since heat usually rises, the lower levels of your home will almost always stay cooler than the upper levels. Keeping the vents closed on the lower levels will force the colder air upstairs first and trickle downstairs. This method will maintain a cold house on every level.

Energy efficiency tip #4: Rearrange your furniture

Moving your furniture around is more than just changing the feng shui of your space. If you have couches, chairs, or even tables blocking a vent, move it! Plastic add-ons can further help air flow in the direction you’d like. 

Energy efficiency tip #5: Get window treatments

Blocking the hot sunshine out during scoring summer days is crucial to keeping the temperature in your home down. Invest in some shades, blinds, or films in at least the sunniest rooms in your home. They add a chic finish to your windows, too – a win-win!

Energy efficiency tip #6: Use ceiling fans

According to the US Department of Energy, using ceiling fans alongside your A/C unit can allow you to comfortably set your thermostat 4 degrees higher than normal. This helps protect the unit from overworking itself and lasting longer. 

Energy efficiency tip #7: Install a programmable thermostat

The US Department of Energy also notes that installing a programmable thermostat can save you about 10% per year on heating and cooling costs? Peninsula Heating & Air has lots of options to choose from! We’re happy to find the best product for your individualized needs. 

Energy efficiency tip #8: Get preventative maintenance on your air conditioner twice a year

Keeping your system clean from the inside out is the best thing you can do for your system’s energy efficiency. Additionally, PHA maintenance customers often also typically have better energy bills those who do not maintain their HVAC system and the service also prevents costly premature breakdowns. If your system could use a little more TLC, give Peninsula Heating & Air a call today!

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