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Why Your Room Temperature Is Higher Than Your Thermostat Setting

Why Your Room Temperature Is Higher Than Your Thermostat Setting

Every summer, when the temperature is reaching above 80 degrees practically on a daily basis here in Virginia, we get so many customers calling in and asking why it is that the temperature in their home feels so much higher than the thermostat setting. We definitely understand the customer’s panic because it could signal much more serious and energy-draining issues within the home. There are five main reasons that your room temperature is higher than your thermostat setting. Keep reading or contact us to help diagnose the problem. 

Reason #1: Your air conditioner is limited in heat

While it’s best not to ignore a malfunctioning thermostat, the answer is typically pretty simple: your air conditioner is designed to keep your house around 75 degrees on days where the outside temperature reaches 95 degrees or higher. If you are attempting to get your house to reach 65 degrees and it’s not working, it’s generally because as amazing and high-tech air conditioners are, they have limitations when it comes to extreme temperatures. This generally means that a repairman is not required, at least not immediately; it’s typical for your AC to have a little more trouble cooling your home to your desired temperature when it’s so hot outside. 

Reason #2: Your thermostat’s placement is off

It may be shocking to learn that your thermostat is not just placed haphazardly in your home. Its positioning is well thought out because it needs to be:

  • Centrally located within the home
  • Away from direct sunlight
  • On an interior wall
  • In a dry area with no humidity from showering or cooking
  • Exposed to circulation and not enclosed in a room

If the thermostat is improperly located, you will notice dramatic differences in the temperatures of the far-reaching areas of your home. If you think this might be the case in your situation, our service technicians can identify the optimal spot for your thermostat and reinstall it there for more accurate temperature management. 

Reason #3: Your HVAC system isn’t properly sized

Whether your air conditioner or furnace is too large or small for your home, your thermostat will constantly face an uphill battle trying to maintain a comfortable temperature. If your system is too large, it’ll cool certain areas of the house and shut off before properly cooling others. If the system is too small, it’ll constantly be running without ever achieving your desired temperature. The next time you have a Peninsula Heating & Air tune-up, ask your technician about sizing to ensure that it’s allowing your system to reach its optimum performance. 

Reason #4: You have a large home with a one-zone system

If you have a large home, it is to be expected that every area of the home will not be at the same exact temperature at any given time. The best solution is to have one of our technicians install a zoned HVAC system that breaks your home down into multiple zones that it can manage. If you’d prefer to stay with a single zone system, it’s possible to have more than one thermostat as there are systems that can coordinate the readings between several connected thermostats and determine the average temperature across all rooms. 

Reason #5: Your air conditioner is in need of repairs

The inability of a furnace or air conditioner to maintain the temperature you set it to is an indication that it may be failing. If your air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan, you should schedule a visit to allow our technicians to diagnose an underlying problem.

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